Mega Bites Charters
Mega Bites Charters
At Vermilion, Ohio

What’s it all about?

With Mega Bites Charters it’s all about catching

I’ve spent much of my life in a boat on Lake Erie catching fish. Believe it or not, It never gets old. So I took that love of fishing and built a charter business years ago on one main principle and that is to do all I can to put customers on the fish and give them the tools they need to be successful. How do I do that? I’ve always believed that anglers should equip themselves with the very best gear they can afford before heading out on a Lake Erie charter. It makes for a more enjoyable, worry free experience. However, if my anglers do not have the right eqipment don’t worry. One of the main features of my charter business is I supply everything! I have gone to the expense of stocking only the best rods and reels I can afford for my customers, brands like shimano, Daiwa, and Penn.  Even novice anglers will have fun learning how to fish the big lake, using the proper equipment. I’m an experienced Lake Erie charter fisherman who has the patience and know how to work with all my customers, even the ones like the little guy (left) in the photo. His big catch made my day.
Don't doubt it. He caught this big walleye on Mega Bites Charters

In a nutshell, here’s what

Mega Bites Charters offer

What my charter offers This family struck Lake Erie gold on their fishing trip A group of youngsters show off their catch of Lake Erie walleyes First mate Al helps this young angler

Opportunity to fish for other species

An outing with me is never one-dimensional. If for some reason the walleye are not biting I encourage customers to give the smallmouth bass or yellow perch a try. I always bring along baits to pursue either. For bass, I mostly use tube jigs, bucktail jigs and a dropshot rig with plastic worms, shiners or fresh caught gobies. I also have an assortment of crankbaits that will get down to the fish. For perch, nothing beats an emerald shiner. Schools of perch are easy to find and anchor right over them to fish up and down with bottom rigs made for Lake Erie fishing charters.
Smallmouth bass are plentiful at Vermilion, OH

Drift or troll, it’s all fishing

I grew up with a rod and reel in my hands, always casting something. On most days, I would put a spinner on and go from there. But things change. Today, there are thousands of lures from which to choose and all of them come in a wide variety of colors. To every fisherman’s amazement they all catch fish. This is especially true in the popular art of trolling.  You’ve seen the photos in outdoor magazines of boats rigged to pull a dozen or more lures through the water at the same time and at different depths. It’s a great way to catch a lot of walleye in a short period of time. I see the fun in trolling but what’s missing is the individual challenge of pitting angler against a wary fish. On my charters I offer that challenge. I tip my hat to the trollers but over the years I’ve recorded many amazing catches where customers suddenly got the hang of casting worm harnesses and even weight-forward lures of old and filled up my large cooler with a limit of 48 walleyes in less time than it takes to go to the theater and watch “Star Wars.“ My photos are a good example. It doesn’t happen often but when it does, it’s magic, not to be forgotten any time soon.
It's nice to show off your catch