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Fish Ohio size walleye caught on a Lake Erie fishing charters Angler shows off smallmouth bass during Lake Erie charter Boy shows off his walleye on Mega Bites Charters Limit catch of walleye by Mega Bites Charters Icing down a catch of Lake Erie charters walleye
Young anglers welcome on my Lake Erie charters Every year I welcome more and more children on my Lake Erie charters. It is grafifying to see moms and dads today passing along the joy of angling to these young and eager fishermen. When I do get kids aboard they are welcomed as everyone else with a hello and a handshake, and some good-natured ribbing, of course. But it’s important to go through the ground rules for the day and caution them about sharp hooks and leaning overboard. But most of all, I want the parents involved in the fishing experience with them. That is what creates lasting memories.
Bring your cameras to record your catch Nothing settles a disagreement over who caught the biggest fish, and how many, more than a photo, or a bunch of photos. That is why I always include a reminder in my Lake Erie charter literature to bring a camera or at least make sure the one in the cell phone is adequate. With that said, here are some suggestions to make your fish pictures tell the story. First, It is always a good idea to hold the fish with two hands. Holding it up with one makes it appear smaller and lighter then it is. Keep the hands out of the way. Show off the whole fish. Wash any slime or blood away. If racked don’t stand in front of the catch as above.
Preserving the catch requires lots of ice Ok, you just caught a limit on a Lake Erie charter. Now what? Of course you will want to eat some for supper but the bulk of it will probly go into the freezer. The most important part of preparation is to keep the catch on ice, from the time it is caught to when you arrive home and after filleting. Most experienced anglers freeze their fish in water. This prevents air from drying out fillets. Some use vacuum sealing but that can be expensive. Quart-sized baggies are excellent for freezing your fish. Simply place a few fillets in a bag and completely cover them with water then seal. Place upright on the freezer.    
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